Dog Generation is a reference in the world of cosmetics for pets. Whatever product your are searching for your four-legs buddy, we have what you need.

Shampoos, conditionners, cleaner, sprays, balms, ...

Dogs, cats, white or dark coat, hydrating, purifying, jojoba or coconut oil ...

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Fruity Shampoos

This selection of shampoos and conditioners get its beneficial properties from extracts of carefully selected fruits... Learn more

Specific Shampoos

By focusing on the efficiency, The Dog Generation® Laboratories took care of selecting actives with recognized properties which respect the dog’s skin... Learn more

Colour Enhancers

These products are especially designed to enhance coloured coats, you will find in this range the adapted solution for every coat colours.... Learn more


The Dog Generation® conditioners complement the action of the shampoo, soften the hair and give more volume.... Learn more

Shampoos for cats

These shampoos have been specially designed for cats.... Learn more

Puppy and Kitten Shampoos

A range of shampoos developped for puppies and kittens... Learn more

Hygiene and Care

The health of a dog requires a daily care and the use of non-irritating products... Learn more


Conditioners, Detangling, Whitening, ... We have a spray for everything you need... Learn more